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Welcome to our online store, where you can purchase the fine French-made fabrics we have been selling in the U.S. for almost ten years.  We got into this business when Amelia and I were visiting my grandmother's homestead in Southern France, and she first noticed these eye-catching fine tablecloths being sold in the open-air markets of Provence.  We brought a few back to the organic farm we ran in Connecticut, and Amelia used them to cover the farm stand tables.  Immediately our customers wanted the French tablecloths as much as our vegetables, so the following winter we returned from France with several dufflebags-full. 

By then we had discovered that the fabrics were practical as well as beautiful- they washed beautifully, required no ironing, and didn't stain.  Despite a long messy season in the farm stand, and several open air summer dinners during which at least a little wine was spilled, they continued to look as good as new.  This, we found, was characteristic of these Jacquard cotton-poly weaves, made in old French mills, and we still think they are fabulous fabrics, in terms of beauty, quality, durability, and ease of care.  In addition to these, we now also carry 100% cotton fabrics of various types.  Most of our products are now made just for us.

We understand that purchasing a fine tablecloth over the web can be difficult- and that is why we accept returns made within 10 days of your receipt of our product.  We are a very small business, so we cannot afford to have inventory out of our hands for longer than that.  We'll cover the shipping to you, and you pay for return shipping.

If you'd like to see our products first, we'd love to meet you in person at one of our large sales.  Just check our Events tab for upcoming locations. And please suggest a location if you'd like.

We get a lot of enjoyment from our customers' happiness with our products, and we stand by what we sell you. We have many satisfied repeat customers, and hope to have you among them.  Thanks for visiting our web site!

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